raubdruckerin @NuArt Festival 2016 | Stavanger | Norway

Last weekend raubdruckerin joined NuArt Festival in Stavanger (NOR). NuArt is one of the most important Street Art Festivals worldwide, promoting art in the public space, since 16 years ! The city of Stavanger itself is garnished all over with beautiful art pieces from international artists, showing a very inspiring support by its’s citizens, which are voluntary “donating” the facades of their homes to the festivals artists. The face of the city is evolving annually.

On Sunday we gave a “Street Printing” workshop in the yard of Tou Scene, an exciting art factory situated in a former brewery. We showed to the people of stavanger our way of dealing with the surfaces of the urban landscape and transforming them to graphical patterns. We are very happy to have participated at NuArt festival and hope to return to Stavanger soon !

We want to share some Impressions of the workshop and the city here.

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