Raubdruckerin Amsterdam



Hoi Amsterdam !

Juni 2018

For the third year in a row the raubdruckerin team was in Amsterdam.

Our base was one of Amsterdam’s oldest squat projects, the so-called Rijks Hemelvaart Dienst on the outskirts of the city, where for 30 years a colorful artist community lives and works. There we had a generous dose of hospitality and cordiality, which we will not forget so quickly!

With our bicycles, we drove from there to the city center looking for our printing motifs.

Of course, we have reprinted a new edition of our favorite Amsterdam motif: the bicycle icon that marks the city’s many bicycle parking lots and bicycle routes and represents perfectly the city of cycling.

raubdruckerin bycicle gymbag

As a new print, we have chosen the manhole cover with Amsterdams coat of arms. The XXX icon is often seen on Amsterdam’s streets. Three white crosses on a black background, often in combination with red, as on flags or on buildings.

dank je wel!

we will definitely be back!

raubdruckerin Amsterdam xxx