We had a wonderful printing experience in Athens in February 2018. When you come from Berlin it really feels like spring. On the first day we – Orpheas (photographer and architect), Martin (street artist) and Emma (artist and founder) – walked over 25 km in the streets to find the best printing spots.




Just at the foot of the acropolis we chose our printing place with a beautiful star of Athens and a historical meander pattern which – in the rough raubdruckerin technique – is a fabulous new style.

After printing more than 60 kg of T-shirts, bags and sweatshirts, “raki” and “mezes”, the lovely Greek people and their traditional music made a perfect relaxing evening …




Martin created a colorful fresco in the small side streets, , 6 hours of painting ! Maybe you’ll find it, this city is really worth a visit.

Eυχαριστώ Athens !