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Hola Barcelona!

April 2018

The raubdruckerin team has returned to the Catalan capital to produce the 2nd edition of Street Prints from Barcelona. As we were in Barcelona last year as well, we’ve visited some already known spots and discovered also new ones. We’ve moved around our favorite district Grácia again. This is a charismatic and very inspiring part of Barcelona, ​​where you will encounter many beautiful plazas and forget the time with a delicious Vermut and seafood tapas – especially in the historic market hall “Mercato de Grácia”, which unfortunately is being cleared out at the moment and will be completely rebuilt.

In 1916, the city council of Barcelona announced a competition to design pavement tiles to decorate public streets. which the traditional company Escofet won. It supplied 5 different “Panots” (concrete tiles).These “Panots” have long since become well established identify signs of the local urban culture, making them perfect for our street prints.

Like last year, we printed our version of the city’s most famous pavement tiles, the concrete tiles “flor de Barcelona”. This iconic urban symbol was inspired by the tiles for the yard of the “Casa Amatller” on Passeig de Gràcia by architect Puig i Cadafalch.

When printing this motif, some pigeons as well as the police paid us a visit. Since they were not amused by our concept of using the public space as our open-air printing workshop, we were asked to leave – so we got away with only a slap on the wrist.

Raubdruckerin Barcelona street art

So we found an new printing spot and printed the pavement tile  N°563 or „el rombo rodeado de cuatro círculos“ (the rhombus surrounded by four circles).

Raubdruckerin Oliven Barcelona

In a small alley in the middle of Grácia we discovered a huge printing plate in the entrance portal of an old silk factory. It’s a gigantic truck scale, on which the loaded trucks were weighed once before they drove into the factory yard.

¡Gracias Barcelona!

Barcelona Raubdruckerin