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Hej Copenhagen!

Our last expedition took us to the beautiful city of Copenhagen, where we were once again very warmly welcomed. From the lively district of Vesterbro, we were able to explore the exciting city. After long walks, we found two great places where we set up our public printing workshop.

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Famous Danish artist and poet H. C. Andersen, known worldwide for his fantastic fairy tales, celebrated his 200th birthday in 2005. To mark the occasion, Copenhagen Energy, in collaboration with Design Studio MobilArt, had a very special art-manhole cover made and placed in selected squares in Copenhagen. Andersen’s fairy tale “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” is shown in a fantastic way on the cover. Since this urban art work deserves more than just being walked over, we were happy to print it on our T-shirts.

Working in public often involves interactions with passengers. We invite people spontaneously to print their shirts and they bring us a glass of wine or a snack in return. Sometimes they tell us stories. During our printing session in Copenhagen an older lady told us the whole story: „There were once twenty five tin soldiers,… all looked exactly alike except one. As he had been cast last of all, the tin was short, so he had only one leg…“*

*to read the whole story, ask for the book in your local library.

The area around the historic Carlsberg Brewery is currently a huge construction site, being completely redeveloped into a modern prosperity district.
Nevertheless, its historic industrial charm with its monumental redbrick buildings remains unbelievably impressive.
Next to the iconic Elephant Gate, in the middle of the central courtyard of the old brewery, we discovered this beautiful manhole cover, which is as old as the factory itself.

Farvel and thanks a lot for the nice time.

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