Bonjour Paris !

As you may have noticed, we often return to the French metropolis – perhaps the most beautiful city in the world 🙂 Friendships connect us to the city and we feel at home here.

Crunchy baguette, red wine, strong cheese and cool outfits, as well as the cultural energy of the city inspire, enliven and seduce us again and again.

While searching for motifs, we came across an old acquaintance. Right next to the Porte de Bagnolet lies the geometric, abstract beauty that has once before felt the sensitive touch of our colour roll. A closer look reveals a special detail: a small heart – le voilà! such a symbol that we are always looking for and that can reflect an entire city in a delicate detail: a heart from la ville d’amour.

raubdruckerin Paris

The next print session took us to Fontaine Wallace. This french fountains are a public drinking source and meanwhile a landmark of Paris, where they are placed all over the town. These beautiful, dark green constructions are decorated with small sculpturess. Financed by Sir Richard Wallace, a wealthy 19th century philanthropist, these wells still provide everyone with free access to drinking water. Merci beaucoup ! Our printing spot was in the 20th arrondissement, à vous de le retrouver !

fontaine wallace raubdruckerin