Raubdruckerin Rom



Ciao Ragazzi,

In March 2018 we went to Rome to print bright new spring prints for you.

Mots of our new street prints were made in Pigneto, a cool district in the south-east of Rome. We printed here after our morning Cappuccino at Rosi’s until the sundown, more than 10 hours a day.

We spend a nice week living the Italian life and met friendly, open minded people who where following us during the printing sessions.

While strolling through the district of Pigneto, we discovered something very special. An elegant marble plate with the inscription « private property » intersected by a big crack. The metaphor of a fractured private property in the public space is completely in line with the raubdruckerin spirit.

Finally, we have three beautiful prints from Rome on T-Shirts, tote bags and gym bags in our online shop.

One special manhole cover is dated to the year 1897 and is one of the oldest we’ve ever printed on. We are very proud to have found it in the beautiful neighbourhood of Pigneto. It belongs to the ancient Aqueduct Aqua Marcia. It is the longest of 11 historical Aqueducts that conveys water to the city of Rome from the ancient times till today.

Contrasts meet in this historical city. Graffiti mixes with ancient masonry, sumptuous architecture shares the space with run-down houses and concrete buildings. In the evening we had the chance to relax with Italian Aperitivo including – of course – Aperol Spritz.

Alora, all roads lead to Pigneto !

Grazie Roma – A presto !