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The first streetprinting book - support us !

Dear street printing friends,

we need your help in order to publish a book about our adventures and work in public space !

Now – after all the depictions of our project spread digitally – it’s time for us to give our personal and comprehensive insight into our work for the first time. The conclusion of years of creative work, travels, collaborations and street printing experiences.

We want to create a beautiful book that you can hold in your hand, discuss with friends or browse in a public library and get inspired. A kind of antidote to the endless digital scrolling.
This book would also be the first of its kind: a book all about printmaking on street objects in public spaces. In other words: Making art history.

crowdfunding raubdruckerin

That’s where you come in!

We are bringing this to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, because we would like to know, if you share our inspiration and like this idea. As a community we can make this dream come true easily!

We are fully motivated and working hard to make this project work:
The conception is done, the layout nearly finished, we’ve chosen our most beautiful pictures and are bringing up the most compelling stories of our trips. Two great guest authors (art curator & trend forecaster) will contribute their essays and we’re collaborating with one of the finest book makers in Berlin. The book will be bilingual – English and German.

If you like our project join our community and support us to accomplish this mission. Be one of the first to get our book and other special supporter rewards. You can also help us by sharing our campaign with your friends and network online or offline.

Through our work, we learned, that community is extremely important and that people working together to accomplish a common, creative goal, can be very powerful.

To use the words of Joseph Beuys: “Art is a great revolutionary force – in fact the only one.”

Let’s get together and make it happen. Check out the project on kickstarter here.

your raubdruckerin team

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